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Have a say in our team from the ground up. Our members make us.

No team is an island.

Even if it’s surrounded by sandy bays and exotic landscapes. 

No – every team is what’s beyond the match day display. Beyond the coaches, the physios, and Chef Luis’ famous stone crab claws after another cracking training session.

It’s the waves of support from the people in the stands – and anywhere else, really. You know – the fans. You!

Proper clubs try to put the members right in the middle. It’s so the fans can assist in the fun before it even kicks off. We're taking it one step further and making members an active part of the club.

Members will have a voice in important club decisions - what should our home kit be? Which scarf design should we go with? Which league should we play in? All these decisions, and more, will come down to you.

Final details on membership levels are being put together, so stay tuned for your chance to make a difference and shape YOUR club!

2021 Season Membership will include a Member-Only scarf (voted on by you), a season ticket for all home games, a vote on Member Decisions, and other goodies.

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